Caffeine Trip

traveller24 recently published an article about the top 10 coffee shops in South Africa. We, the coffee lovers at Intelligent Routing saw this as the ideal opportunity to use our vehicle route planning functionality to plan a route through South Africa that visits these 10 coffee shops. Of course, it would not be optimal to […]

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Intelligent Routing Saves More on a Road-trip in the USA

US Historic Sites Intelligent Routing Optimized by road
US Historic Sites Original order from blog
A comparison of the two routes shows some of the small differences that make up the final savings.

Recently at Discovery News, Tracy Staedter joined forces with Randal Olson, a doctoral student at Michigan State University, to work out a road trip that tells readers How to Really Drive Across the U.S. Hitting Major Landmarks. The major landmark trip across the U.S. gives us an opportunity to compare an existing, well planned, road trip […]

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Optimized Road-trip: 25 SA Towns in Intelligent Routing

In our previous blog post, we planned the 25 town road trip manually. This took us from a 308-hour alphabetical order route down to 93 hours 50 minutes in manual order. In this blog post, we look at automatic optimization in Intelligent Routing. We get the optimized road-trip down to 88 hours 48 minutes and save more than 5 […]

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