Improvements to Intelligent Routing

New Look Wimpy Route

We have launched a new version of the Intelligent Routing web interface. A lot of effort went into this release to ensure that the improvements are available in an intuitive interface that looks great. Well done to the development team, and thanks for all the effort. Here is a view of the new look routing screen: […]

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Corporate Social Responsibility – Thol’ulwazi Thol’impilo

Corporate Social Responsibility

Intelligent Routing Products (Pty) Ltd has taken it on itself to support the Thol’ulwazi Thol’impilo NGO mobile clinics as its corporate social responsibility project. These clinics function in the rural southern Mpumalanga and Swaziland border area, on farms owned by individual farmers and Mondi. The clinics focus on the following points: Comprehensive Healthcare ŸHolistic counseling & testing […]

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Intelligent Routing Saves and Pays

Intelligent Routing was built to turn a mobile phone into an asset and help users save. The uses and savings of Intelligent Routing have previously been discussed, but if this information is not enough to go by, we are proud to say that Intelligent Routing, in fact, pays for itself, and not only in one way. […]

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Meter Reading with Intelligent Routing

7. Enter details

Do you need to send a verifiable meter reading to the municipality or utility provider? Meter readings are now part of the default personal version of Intelligent Routing. This means you can take a meter reading with photo evidence and send a verifiable meter reading report from your computer to the municipality. Simply install the Intelligent Routing […]

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Additional Uses of Intelligent Routing

You might ask yourself, how Intelligent Routing could be of any value to you if you are not in the transport business. As Intelligent Routing is developing we are finding more and more uses for the system not solely related to the route planning solution. We want to put emphasis on the word “value” in […]

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Welcome to Intelligent Routing!


Update: Our next blog post shows how easy route planning is with Intelligent Routing. We are an engineering and software development company based in the greater Pretoria area, Gauteng, South Africa. With over 60 years of combined experience in optimization and software engineering, the Intelligent Routing team aims to bring you, our potential client, a […]

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