Feature – Live Track Log Updates

Animation showing live updates

With the new Intelligent Routing improvements managers can follow their users online with Live Track Log Updates. This feature is enabled for selected users and updates the web automatically to keep the track in sync with the devices out in the field. We have enabled the feature for selected users. If you are interested in trying out […]

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Feature Enhancement – Group Tracks

Group Tracks by Date

With the new release of Intelligent Routing users can group tracks by device and date for simpler track navigation. In the previous release grouping was only possible by device, but now users can choose one of three options: Date Tracks are grouped by the date when they were logged Device Tracks are grouped by the […]

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Feature – User Settings

Map with possible stops hidden

With the latest improvements to Intelligent Routing user settings were added so users can choose their own preference. In particular users can disable auto-zoom and hide possible stops when looking at the tracks. Both settings are available from the Map menu. The setting for auto-zoom and possible stops are applicable to the track overview and the focus view. […]

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Feature – Track Focus Timeline

Animation showing track focus timeline.

The track focus timeline is a new addition to the track focus screen. Now we can reconcile a track based on its timeline and we can distinguish between multiple events at the same physical location that happened at different times of the day. This is especially useful when reconciling a track around the depot. To […]

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Feature – Automated Recent Track Summary

two trips to the airport recently

The new release of the Intelligent Routing web app now includes automated recent track summary information when opening the page. The feature was mentioned in the Improvements to Intelligent Routing Post. Instead of waiting for users to choose a date and device to track, all tracks for today are automatically loaded. The recent tracks for the past […]

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Nuwe Verbeterde Aanlyn Weergawe

New Look Wimpy Route

Ons is trots om die nuwe verbeterde weergawe van Intelligent Routing bekend te stel. Ons het hard gewerk om te verseker dat die verbeteringe bruikbaar is en boonop goed lyk. Welgedaan aan die span en dankie vir die harde werk. Hier is ‘n voorbeeld van die nuwe uitleg vir routebeplanning:   Diegene wat die ou […]

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Improvements to Intelligent Routing

New Look Wimpy Route

We have launched a new version of the Intelligent Routing web interface. A lot of effort went into this release to ensure that the improvements are available in an intuitive interface that looks great. Well done to the development team, and thanks for all the effort. Here is a view of the new look routing screen: […]

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Caffeine Trip

traveller24 recently published an article about the top 10 coffee shops in South Africa. We, the coffee lovers at Intelligent Routing saw this as the ideal opportunity to use our vehicle route planning functionality to plan a route through South Africa that visits these 10 coffee shops. Of course, it would not be optimal to […]

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Corporate Social Responsibility – Thol’ulwazi Thol’impilo

Corporate Social Responsibility

Intelligent Routing Products (Pty) Ltd has taken it on itself to support the Thol’ulwazi Thol’impilo NGO mobile clinics as its corporate social responsibility project. These clinics function in the rural southern Mpumalanga and Swaziland border area, on farms owned by individual farmers and Mondi. The clinics focus on the following points: Comprehensive Healthcare ŸHolistic counseling & testing […]

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Intelligent Routing Saves and Pays

Intelligent Routing was built to turn a mobile phone into an asset and help users save. The uses and savings of Intelligent Routing have previously been discussed, but if this information is not enough to go by, we are proud to say that Intelligent Routing, in fact, pays for itself, and not only in one way. […]

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