About the team

About Us - Ruben

Ruben Filter
Chief Executive Officer

Masters in Electronic Engineering

About Us - Heinrich

Heinrich Filter
Infrastructure and development

Bachelors in Information Technology


Herman Odding
Finances – Lime Administrators

National Diploma in Data Processing

About Us - Jac

Jac Steenekamp
Architect and mobile development

Bachelors in Electronic Engineering

About Us - Pieter

Pieter Steenekamp
Algorithms and heuristics

Honours in Electronic Engineering

About Us - Alan

Alan Kavishe
Software Engineering

Bachelors in Electronic Engineering

About Intelligent Routing Products (Pty) Ltd

The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is solved daily by companies from the local pizza delivery guy to large postal services. Intelligent Routing Products (Pty) Ltd was founded by a group of engineers in Pretoria, South Africa to help solve this problem for companies of all sizes. The founding members and development team have years of experience in plant optimization, supervisory control systems, and enterprise technologies. With a broad experience base in practical solutions, the primary aim of Intelligent Routing is to add value through optimization, planning, and feedback.

We help managers to automate route planning so they can spend more time on operations. The optimized routes allow the field workforce to spend less time on the road and more time attending customers.

Plan less, drive less.

Previous Experience

Intelligent Routing is not created in a vacuum, every day we apply proven solutions to solve the problem at hand. Some of the interesting projects we worked on in the past are:

  • Prime, developed by Jac and Pieter’s company Randburg Control Solutions is a real-time control platform which includes multivariable model predictive control, visualizations, open connectivity and an SDK for customer-developed applications.
    Now, in its 5th major release, Prime has more than 40 active installations at companies including Anglo Platinum, Anglo Kumba Iron Ore, Eastern Platinum (Barplats), Tharissa Mine, Sappi, and PPC.
  • The Vodacom Please Call Me advertising reporting platform was Ruben’s main focus for a few years between 2008 and 2011.

Developing the product

The first version of Intelligent Routing was developed at 62 Waters, a water delivery company. With a large route planning horizon and many operational requirements for the route implementation, it is an ideal planning problem to ensure that the algorithms are applicable and the ecosystem stays relevant. With Intelligent Routing as the route planner and feedback solution, 62 Waters was able to achieve savings and improve operations.

We constantly improve the system for our customers and as the user base grows new solutions are added to the Intelligent Routing tool-set on a regular basis.

We pride ourselves in being Africa-ready and have tested our system with a trip going to Malawi. Africa-ready means that we value the simplicity of existing systems. We strive to plan ahead yet uphold the ability to include the traditional spontaneous component of African business with flexible options. With the mobile network growth, Intelligent Routing on the smartphone is ready to plan ahead while staying on the move, all the time.